Vision and Mission - Siddharth Foundation

Vision and Mission

Siddharth foundation is a Non profit organization with focus on biodiversity conservation and sustainable living. Through research, education and outreach we aim to influence the policy and practice on conservation of nature, culture, tradition and reach sustainable living.


To promote conservation of nature, culture and traditions through research, education and outreach.


Siddharth foundation contributes to environmentally sustainable development through understanding the Nature, culture and tradition.


  • To carryout educational efforts for the under privileged section of the society without any discrimination of any cast, creed, colour or religion.
  • To provide special education and supportive activities for the benefit of physically and mentally challenged population.
  • To conduct programs for creating awareness about Nature, culture and our living environment and the need for protection of the same.
  • To undertake basic and interdisciplinary research work in Education, Environment and Culture.
  • To undertake and implement projects announced by Central or State Government from time to time which are intended to serve education and conservation of Nature, Culture and Environment.
  • To publish literatures, magazines, books, periodicals on issues related with Education Environment and Culture.
  • To setup centers and institution for research, training, and skill development for the human resource development in the field of Education Environment and Cultural traditions.
  • To do any other act that is considered charitable and of use to general public.