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Bird, Butterfly, Reptile, Mammal watching programs (focusing on taxonomy)

The research team of Siddharth foundation is providing training programs in taxonomy and identification of our biodiversity. This program is useful to the school students and other nature enthusiasts.  This will help them to develop the observation skills and will provide an orientation to the science of Natural History. 

Biodiversity surveys

Knowing what are our surrounding biodiversity has becoming a necessity of the day. Many institutions are looking forward for the technical personal to do biodiversity monitoring surveys in the campus of institutes and organizations. A technical report of biodiversity profiling of the campus can be conducted by our team using indicator taxa.

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 “NILA” ………

Documenting the ecological issues of the river “Bharatha Puzha”


“A Day in Nilgri Biosphere Reserve”

A visual experience to understand the lifescape of a forest

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